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RHN CPA is a full-service accounting firm, providing a wide range of accounting services across British Columbia since 1951. With a team of highly trained chartered professional accountants and over 60 years of industry experience, RHN CPA works with every client to ensure their unique accounting needs are met.


We re-designed Synovus website in a way that facilitate their customers and potential leads learning more about services and products in a few clicks.

The Rag Place

The Rag Place is an industry leader in the manufacture and supply of set lighting technical fabrics and LED lighting accessories for the motion picture, television and theatrical industries.

RC4 Wireless

RC4 Wireless devices turn theatrical props, costumes, and set pieces into DMX-controlled lighting fixtures.

Modern Day

Modern Day builds bridges between those who are called to go all over the world and those who are called to send them. They are partnered with hundreds of field workers in over sixty different nations.

Roman Vas’yanov

Roman Vasyanov is a cinematographer who has worked on movie productions such as “Suicide Squad”, “Fury” and “Thank You For Your Service” as well as commercials for such brands as Puma, Pepsi, Facebook, Budweiser and many others.