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About the Project

RHN CPA is a full-service accounting firm, providing a wide range of accounting services across British Columbia since 1951. With a team of highly trained chartered professional accountants and over 60 years of industry experience, RHN CPA works with every client to ensure their unique accounting needs are met.


The original version of the RHN CPA website was outdated and not properly optimized for mobile devices or search engines. The new website needed to have a contemporary design that reflects the depth of experience and professionalism that RHN CPA possesses. It was also important to improve website responsiveness and provide visitors with intuitive ways to find information.

Goals & Objectives

  • Modernize website aesthetic, incorporating a new visual identity, effective imagery and brand storytelling.
  • Improve navigation and simplify browsing to create an intuitive user experience.
  • Include solid call to action buttons on all pages to increase conversions.
  • Utilize a content management system (CMS) that facilitates easy maintenance and updates of website content.



Project Conception and Initiation

In the process of identifying opportunities for optimization, we conducted research to better understand the industry and the client. We located flaws in the current site architecture and content organization and made suggested changes. Understanding the client’s unique needs helped us better conceptualize a new information architecture that best suited the type of audience RHN CPA was looking to engage.



With the scope well defined and all key issues and required changes identified, we were able to move into the design stage of the project. Armed with the information from the first phase, we created a site structure mockup, giving the client an objective look at placement of content, navigation and paths to conversion. Working closely with the client, we defined a clear path between content pages and mapped out the site flow to ensure visitors could navigate information easily.

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When developing the website theme, we created a fresh palette using bolder colours and fonts to make the site more visually engaging. The home page was redesigned to include all necessary information required to showcase the company’s value proposition. Call to action buttons were strategically placed to link content pages together and provide the visitor with intuitive ways to access information. With the careful selection and placement of stock imagery as well as professional images provided by the client, we were able to create a trustworthy and professional website look.
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At Graph’em Solutions we take the quality of our work seriously. With a commitment to exceed our client’s expectations, our team took the time to review and test the functionality and performance of the new site. With thorough browser testing, we ensured that the website functions well in different browsers and operating systems. Speed optimization and mobile compatibility tests were also performed to provide the visitor with an effortless user experience.
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Project Close

Using innovative design tools and their extensive expertise, our team developed a user-friendly and fully functional website that is optimized for any type of device.

The new RHN CPA website is modern, professional and effectively conveys the company’s brand objectives. The improved information architecture creates an intuitive user experience for the visitors. We created a custom integration with Woocommerce and established strong SEO foundations for server optimization.

On the client side, we ensured that the CMS platform and plugins used allowed for easy content updates and website management. Our team developed a monthly maintenance guide for WordPress and relevant plugins to make the transition as easy as possible.

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