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Your business operates 24/7 on the web, don’t waste a minute, get it done right!

Graphem Solutions is a web design agency that develops innovative, effective websites that will capture your brand and empower your organization to succeed.

Our services

Web Design

We design using the latest industry standards and technology, and offer:

  • Tailored web design services, which reflect the vision of each of our clients
  • Top quality design refreshes for existing websites

Web Development

We are known for our innovation, attention to detail, and dynamic expertise. We offer:

  • Custom web development to meet all online needs (including landing pages, custom calendars, forms, chats, admin tools – the sky’s the limit)
  • A wide range of services, from simple online forms to complete database-driven sites
  • Fixes/de-bigs for existing websites
  • WordPress expertise; including custom theme and plugin development
  • Mobile app development for iOS and Android


We build strong relationships with our clients; starting with a detailed consultation at no charge:

  • If you have a great idea about a web project, app or software etc. and you would like to know the approximate cost and feasibility, we can help by offering our expertise and evaluation
  • We can work with you to create a strategic plan

Our Recent Work

604 Now

604 Now is dedicated to metro Vancouver, the southwest corner of British Columbia, and the province’s most urban division. Daily, we engage a diverse community and excite our readers to explore the best of their city within the metropolis.

Sante Cognitive
Roots & Wings

Roots and Wings

Empowering independent thinkers for our future

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Une Langue, Des Histoires

Une Langue Des Histoires

Canada is a bilingual country, so many Canadians have been in contact with the French. Not everyone speaks French, but French has a place in everyone’s personal history. The “Une Langue, Des Histoires” of the association Francophone de Kamloops is a project to collect stories from these people and share their stories with others.

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Colourbox Hairdressing

Over 30 years in business at the same location, Colourbox offers the best products & services.

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SkySpecs’ vision is to simplify renewable energy asset management so that fewer resources can do more for the planet. 

SkySpecs designs and builds the highest quality products for its customers’ applications. We develop technology that is quickly applicable to a wide variety of industries and helps to solve those industries’ most urgent challenges.

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What Our Clients Say

Marvin Slaton, Director, Modern Day

“What stands out most for us after dealing with Graph’em Solutions is the quality of their work. They truly care about the client and back that up with skill and efficiency. Graph’em helps us to be on the forefront, with a trendy, cutting-edge website and keep it so with prompt service on maintenance and development. They are willing to brainstorm with the client to make sure the best solution is found. We can trust that they aren’t quick to tack on extra charges, but rather are willing to offer advice and insight on the different intricacies of our website. By nature, our website is depended on by many, so having this team who is that hard-to-find combination of efficiency and talent is invaluable.”

Bruce Herzer, Director, Colligo

“Graph’em Solutions performed a significant website refresh for us, giving our whole site a fresh coat of paint. The Developers are especially adept at what they do, which really includes everything from website administration and development to graphic features, videos, and design. Graph’em is like an extension of our own team. They are very responsive and effective in their communication which means less time spent working things out and more time getting it done – whether an urgent fix or a new development for our site. Graph’em really has touched everything we’ve got, for the better, resulting in increased customer base – a number of people hitting the site – and ultimately our lead generation. I am happy to recommend Graph’em Solutions and I am certain they will continue to be a resource for Colligo.”

Olivier Lessard Fontaine, President, Synovus Solutions Inc.

“Graph’em is one of our favorite contractors. They always do a very professional job in a timely manner. I know that when we ask something from them, they will work with our team and proactively seek all the information they need in order to deliver the quality that our team expects, including all the details! From website to design of marketing material, I would highly recommend their services to others!”

David Cross , Content Developer & Marketing Consultant

Impeccable quality, straight dealing and honorable people. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Graphem on a number of projects for a mutual client over the past 20 months.

In the past 30 years I’ve worked with many companies spread around the world, and Guillaume and his team at Graphem are some of the best at what they do. They are smart, flexible, and completely client-focused. I’ve worked with them both on longer term and more proactive projects, but also seen them attend patiently and efficiently with urgent situations and last minute client requests.

I’ve also seen how they proactively think ahead and make perceptive recommendations for the client’s future business growth and stability.

Every member of the team are gracious and patient, even under duress.

I’ve found that the quality of their work and professionalism is second to none. Guillaume, Costin, Will, and the engineers and PMs at Graphem have come up with some savvy solutions to complex, multi-system implementations, and the end results are impressive.

In my experience Graphem are a rare company, and I congratulate the whole team and the culture of integrity that they’ve built there. A real pleasure to work with, and I always look forward to whatever project is next with them!

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