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The Rhythm of Us

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The Rhythm of Us has been inspiring couples to grow together in Christ & in Marriage. They wanted to create an online platform to offer their courses, host podcast and sell their books. They wanted a user-friendly and interactive website that could showcase her brand and appeal to her target audience. After some research, they decided to use Kajabi as the platform for building the website.

Project Goals

The main goal of the project was to design and develop a custom Kajabi website that could:

  • Highlight the client’s personal brand and showcase her services and products
  • Provide an interactive and user-friendly experience for visitors
  • Create a separate quiz platform
  • Be easily navigable, with a clear path to purchase or book coaching sessions
  • Integrate with third-party tools, such as an email marketing system and social media platforms
  • Integrate Shopify to sell physical product
  • Be optimized for search engines and have a strong focus on conversion rates



Project Kick-Off

During the project kick-off, our team and The Rhythm of Us reviewed the project scope, objectives, and timeline.


Design Development

The design team created a custom website design that aligned with the client’s brand and vision. They ensured that the website was visually appealing, easy to navigate, and optimized for conversions.



The development team implemented the custom design using Kajabi’s tools and functionality. They integrated platforms for email marketing systems, podcast platforms, and payment gateways.


Testing Phase

The team thoroughly tested the website to ensure that it was bug-free, responsive, and accessible. They also tested the integration with third-party tools.



The team launched the website, which included setting up the client’s domain, SSL certificate, and hosting.


The website is well-designed with a professional and modern aesthetic. The use of a calming color palette of blues and greens, along with the use of whitespace, creates a clean and calming design. The typography is legible, with clear hierarchy and emphasis on the most important information. The use of parallax scrolling adds a dynamic effect, while not compromising the ease of navigation.

Overall, the design of the website is carefully thought-out and executed with attention to detail. The design aligns with the theme of the website, which focuses on mindfulness and wellness, and creates a pleasant and user-friendly experience.


Overall, the development process of the website was likely executed with attention to detail and proper testing to ensure a seamless user experience. Additionally, the website was built to provide a platform for the client to easily update and manage their content, keeping the website relevant and up-to-date.
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The Kajabi website development project was a success, delivering a custom website that met the client’s requirements and provided an enhanced user experience for visitors. By leveraging Kajabi’s functionality and integrating with third-party tools, the website was able to drive traffic, increase lead conversions, and generate more revenue for the client.

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