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Oasis City Church

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At Graphem Solutions Inc., we were thrilled to take on the responsibility of designing and developing a state-of-the-art website for Oasis City. Our primary goal was to elevate the user experience and simplify access to the various features and amenities, ensuring that prospective residents and visitors can easily explore and connect with everything Oasis City has to offer.

Project Background

The project entailed integrating both existing and new multimedia content, encompassing the diverse range of services and programs offered by the church. Our team meticulously crafted a responsive website design that ensures seamless access and optimal performance on both desktop and mobile devices, delivering an immersive and engaging online experience for the church’s congregation and visitors alike.


The primary objectives for the project were:

  • Build a sitemap using Flowmapp: Establish a clear and comprehensive sitemap to guide the website’s structure and improve navigation for users, ensuring easy access to all essential information and resources.
  • Create wireframes: Design and develop wireframes to optimize the website’s layout and update its structure, with a focus on user experience and seamless navigation.
  • Develop a custom design: Produce high-fidelity mockups and custom illustrations, incorporating the unique essence of Oasis City Church. Allow for two rounds of revisions to ensure the final design meets the client’s expectations and vision.
  • Implement Elementor: Utilize the Elementor page builder to construct custom modules and ensure mobile-friendliness, while incorporating third-party plugins to enhance the website’s functionality and interactivity.
  • Integrate Churchcenter API: Seamlessly connect the website with the Churchcenter API to automatically populate the events calendar, keeping the congregation informed about upcoming activities and fostering community engagement.



Project Kick-Off

  • This vital meeting provided an opportunity to establish a shared understanding of the project’s objectives, timeline, and scope, while also fostering open communication and rapport between all parties involved.


Design Development

  • The design phase began with the team creating wireframes and mockups for the website. The team used Figma to design the website, creating several iterations of the design.
  • The client provided feedback and the team made revisions to the design until the final design was approved.


Code & Design Review

  • The team tested the website for functionality and usability, making sure that all the features, such as sale event listing with map support, visitor location detection, and filter and search functionality, were working correctly.



  • During this phase, the team ensured that the website was live and functional, and the client was provided with a training session on how to use the WordPress backend and update the website’s content.
  • The team conducted a final round of testing to ensure that the website was optimized for speed, mobile responsiveness, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Events Calendar

One of the critical challenges our team faced during the Oasis City Church website project was the integration of the Churchcenter API to populate the events calendar. This task required a deep understanding of the API’s functionality and seamless connection to the website to ensure that the events calendar remained up-to-date and accurate.

Our skilled developers meticulously worked on bridging the gap between the API and the website, overcoming any technical obstacles and ensuring compatibility with the custom design and other third-party plugins. The successful integration of the Churchcenter API ultimately resulted in a dynamic and engaging events calendar that keeps the congregation informed about upcoming activities and encourages community participation, contributing to a more vibrant and connected spiritual community.


During the development phase, our team transformed the approved design into a fully functional website for Oasis City Church. Leveraging cutting-edge web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, we crafted a website optimized for speed, mobile responsiveness, and search engine optimization (SEO).

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The Oasis City Church website project culminated in a visually appealing, user-friendly, and responsive website that effectively showcases the church’s unique offerings and fosters community engagement. By integrating advanced features such as an interactive events calendar, visitor location detection, and social media login options, we significantly enhanced the user experience and facilitated effortless navigation.

With the WordPress backend in place, the church administration can easily manage and update events, ensuring that the congregation remains well-informed and connected. The website’s optimization for speed, mobile responsiveness, and SEO has increased its online visibility and reach, ultimately contributing to the growth and vibrancy of the Oasis City Church community.

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