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January 4, 2021
By Guillaume Bourdages

The Benefits of Using Facebook Pixels

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How do you get the information you need to have a successful digital marketing campaign? Let me introduce you to Facebook Pixels. A Facebook Pixel is a piece of Javascript code that is added to a website to collect lead metrics and it is completely invisible to the user.

Facebook pixel is an analytic tool that will allow you to gather information about your users behavior. It is used to:

  • Optimize your marketing campaigns on Facebook or Instagram
  • Create different kinds of audience
  • Measure the actions your audience makes on your website
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Get to know your audience better

Optimize your marketing campaigns on Facebook or Instagram

It is helpful to measure how users interact with clicks, downloads and number of re-plays. With this information you will be able to improve your ads and get better performance from your advertising campaigns.

Here is an example:

Imagine you have a web page and create an advertising campaign to get people to click a button that directs them to a sale. Facebook Pixels will help you to see how many people click the button and how effective your campaign is.  Also by having multiple buttons with the same goal but different title/colors/shape you can compare which one was most effective and use this information to optimize future campaigns.

Create different types of audiences

With Facebook Pixels you can create other types of audiences, such as custom audiences.

Custom audiences are those that you acquire through a database or through visits to your page thanks to the Pixel.

For example:

Imagine that you want to launch an ad that will target only people that have subscribed to your newsletter (specific audience). With Facebook Pixels this is possible.

Measure the actions your user does on the web

Facebook Pixel is very nosy and can tell us about the behaviors of your website visitors. This is useful information you can use to understand the effectiveness of your campaign and what works.

For example, you can find out such things as:

  • The total leads or completed registrations.
  • How many page views.
  • Shopping on the website.
  • Searches on your website.
  • Users who have added payment information.
  • Products that have been added to the cart.
  • Users who have started the payment process.
  • Products added to the wish list.

neonbrand Ah4F6g OmgI unsplash

Create remarketing campaigns

Thanks to Facebook Pixel, you can retarget through advertising campaigns those people who visited your website but did not finish doing the step that you wanted them to do.

For example:

You have an e-commerce store and a user leaves a product in the shopping cart then exits your website without completing the purchase. It hurts, right?

This is where Facebook Pixel comes in!  You could show that visitor a series of ads with the products they were interested in and wanted (their abandoned shopping cart) but for whatever reason did not end up buying.

Awesome, right?

With remarketing you are helping leads that abandon the cart to remember what they wanted to do at the time but didn’t do.

Get to know your target audience better

One important point when it comes to advertising on Instagram or Facebook is that you have to know your audience in order to target them correctly.  If you do not know your audience, there is a high probability that your ad will fail.

It’s very recommended that you do a study of your buyer persona – to whom you are going to focus your ad or set of ads.

A good way to get to know your target audience through the Facebook Pixel is:

  1. Access your Pixel manager and press the button that says “Details” located on the right side.
  2. See statistics
  3. People
  4. Demographic data

Here you will be able to see what kind of leads visit your website. You can see metrics such as:

  • Age
  • gender
  • Langage
  • City
  • Country

So there you have it! Some basic information on using Facebook Pixels.  We hope you find this useful in your marketing and advertising campaigns.  To learn more stay tuned for our upcoming article “How to Add Facebook Pixels Using Google Tag Manager”.

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