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December 19, 2020
By Guillaume Bourdages

The Advantages of Using Google Documents

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What is Google Docs used for? Google Documents (G docs) is a free online collaboration tool that allows you to create documents or spreadsheets and work on them from the cloud. To have access to google docs you will need to have a gmail account. This is one of the great advantages of using Gmail, it comes with Google Drive for free! Google Drive itself comes with a log of perks and advantages, but today we will focus on Google Docs.

Google Docs Advantages

  1. Google Docs is a free tool.
  2. Google Cloud Storage allows you to access your documents from anywhere.
  3. Allows real-time collaboration.
  4. Edits history tracking, track document changes automatically and revert to any previous version of the document.
  5. Auto-saving.
  6. Offline work mode.
  7. Has powerful features and tools for editing documents.
  8. Voice typing instead of writing. Currently this google tool has acquired a voice input to facilitate the work of users.
  9. Has more font styles than Microsoft Word.
  10. Tag someone in a comment. This function allows people to track specific changes.
  11. Security: only people with the right access will be able to see it.

How to use Google Documents

  1. As mentioned above you would need to have a google account.
Signup for a Google account to take advantage of Google Documents


2. Once signed in, there are a couple of ways to access Google Docs depending on your device. You might need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

If you already have an account and are on your computer simply open Google Chrome. In the top right corner you will see the Google Apps Icon that looks like this:


3. Click the Icon and a dropdown menu will appear where you can select Google Documents.

4. To create a document click the blank page.

5. Start creating your content!

We use Google docs in our company to share important documents and collaborate on drafts and projects.  We highly recommend this tool for quick and efficient business matters.

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