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September 24, 2020
By Guillaume Bourdages

I’d Rather_____, Than Update My Website

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Your website is your digital business card and the face of your business or online store.  In short, it’s vitally important! So why do so many business owners let their website go out-of-date? One of the most common reasons is simply not knowing how often a website should be updated or how to do this themselves.

To give an analogy, if you’re not a mechanic then you’re not likely to realize your car is due for an oil change or your tires need rotating unless a professional has told you what to expect. Or maybe you do see that little sticker on your windshield reminding you that you’re way overdue for that oil change, but you just keep putting it off.  It happens!

Updating your website can be similar. Either you are completely unaware that you need to get it updated or you do know but just keep putting it off anyway.  Kind of like getting up to do the dishes, you’d much rather do something else.

“I’d rather _____, than update my website”…if you can fill in the blank with just about anything, then it’s time to get your website updated!

10 tips for overcoming the writers block

How do you know if it’s time to update your website? Ask yourself these questions:

// 01

Have you had the same images/graphics on your website for more than 6 months? More than a year? If so then the answer is yes, it’s time to update!

// 02

Is your website processing slower than it used to? When you click on a page does it take more than a second or two to load?

// 03

Have analytics for your website started showing a lower conversion rate from external sources such as your social media?

// 04

Are you getting a higher than average bounce rate? Meaning visitors are coming to your page but are “bouncing” or leaving after a single interaction without going further. Not moving to action like a sale/purchase, sign-up for a newsletter, discounts, etc.

// 05

Do you encounter technical errors when browsing around your website, such as a 404 page or other error messages?

What Should You Do?

If you already have a content manager for your website or are working with a web design company then contact them to initiate some changes immediately.  You cannot afford to let another day pass with your website out of date. You will lose potential customers or clients and waste revenue.

If you aren’t already working with a web designer then research and read reviews to find a reputable web design company to help get your website updated.  They may be able to also help set up your website so you can simply update it yourself from time to time when necessary.

10 tips for overcoming the writers block

Consider this: if you drove up to pitch a potential client in a broken-down old car they would probably instantly turn you away and politely thank you for your time.  It’s the same thing with your website – when your visitors arrive and see a “broken-down” out of date website they leave fast.  First impressions do matter in this fast paced digital world and you want to put your best face forward! And that is the job of your website.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a strategy for your website and want to generate and convert more leads contact us.  Take advantage of our FREE website analysis and 20 minute consultation. Talk to one of our web experts and get real advice on how to make your website work for you. 

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