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October 29, 2020
By Guillaume Bourdages

There’s More To Just Having A Website For Your Business – You Need UI/UX, too.

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We all know having a website plays a good role in growing your business but having a website will do you no good if you did not have good UI/UX design. There’s more to having a website than just having a space on the internet for your business. You have to use it to maximize your business through your users.

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UI Design

UI, or User Interface Design, is the appearance of your website. It refers to how visually appealing the design of your website is. All the design elements of your website – from the images, the fonts, the colors, the layout, and up to how your design showcases and implements your business’ branding – all tie up together and contribute to your UI Design.

UX Design

UX, or User Experience Design, is exactly what its name means: it is what the user experiences when they use your website. While UI is all about appearances, UX is all about experiences and emotions. A marker for good UI is when your user notices the visual aesthetics of your website but a marker for good UX is when your user does not notice it because they are having such a good experience. UX Design comes into the user’s senses when they start to feel frustrated, stressed out, or disappointed when they use your website.

In order for your website to be effective in helping your brand grow, both your UI and UX design needs to be good.

Your website can have the best design or visual aesthetic on the internet but if it loads slowly, has broken contact forms, or a lot of bugs (to name a few bad UX examples), your user will end up being unable to use your website thus making them feel frustrated and unable to do what they want to do.

Meanwhile, if your website’s functionality works well but has clashing colors, unreadable fonts, or even an outdated design, your user will end up disliking looking at your website and have a difficult time using it.

Basically, your website needs good design and like all forms of design, your website needs to look good and function well.

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Through good UI/UX design, you can maximize design solutions.

Besides looking good and functioning well, good UI and UX is the most valuable tool when it comes to providing solutions for your business’ problems. With good UI/UX, you are able to create brand awareness, encourage users to sign up for newsletters, sell more products, get to know your audience, and more.

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The most important aspect of UI/UX Design is your user.

You might think that creating a good design and coding a functional website is easy. You can easily get design inspiration from the thousands of websites on the internet and you can easily hire a developer. However, it’s not as easy as that.

A good UI/UX Designer does not just know good design and functioning code; they know their user, too. We’ve been talking about interfaces and experiences so far but it’s time to focus on the user.

Good design and functioning code can only be effective if it thinks about your user. Real, actual human beings who are going to use your website. There’s a whole lot of them out there with differing personalities, knowledge and ideas, ages, and relationships to technology.

If you had a website targeted for people who did not grow up on the internet, then a website with modern experiential trends won’t be as effective as it is if your website was for Gen Z. For example, a person who does not use the internet as much wouldn’t know that the cursor changing from an arrow to a pointer means that an element on your website is clickable. A UI/UX Designer can then decide to implement a button that says “Read More” or an element that directs the user to click the specific element. There are specific groups of people that can instantly navigate through a website and there are those who need a little guidance.

There are a lot of groups and types of people, which is why you need to know who your user is and center all your designs and ideas on them, instead of you.

10 tips for overcoming the writers block

What UI/UX design comes down to is this: Your website has to look good and function well for your user.

If we were to sum up the basics of good UI/UX design it’s this: Your website must look good and function well for your user. When you tie all these things together, you get an effective UI/UX design that encourages your users to further love your business simply for the way your website feels when they use it.

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