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August 10, 2020
By Guillaume Bourdages

How to Promote and Support Small Businesses

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Here at Graphem Solutions we are dedicated to helping businesses with web design solutions. We serve businesses across various industries and platforms – small or large.  Recently we have taken the time to praise small businesses and are reflecting on our own journey as a Canadian small business as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

“We started our company out of passion. This was something my husband and business partner was passionate about as it was technical but artistic at the same time. We kept growing it because our clients needed us and they needed more than just he could provide, so we started growing the team, while keeping the same excellent standards. We continue to do it because we like helping people with whatever they need online to prosper better.” – Marika Fradette, CEO

Canada has over 1.1 million small businesses, employing 69.7% of all private sector workers and creating 77.7% of Canada’s new jobs last year! Small and medium sized businesses make up 99.8% of Canadian businesses — they are the engine of the economy and their success is vital to Canada’s prosperity.

We’re supporting small businesses by working with them to create web design solutions so that they can hit the ground running when we reemerge from the COVID 19 pandemic! There are many ways that you can support small businesses, such as buying gift cards, ordering supplies online from small businesses, outfitting your remote workplace by ordering from local stores, and sharing your favorite stores on your social networks!

Another way that you can help small businesses is to leave a rating and a review on your favorite businesses’ ratings and reviews platform of choice! If you love your corner bar, leave them a review on Yelp! If you love that restaurant down the street, leave them a review on TripAdvisor! If you love that local Vancouver based web agency, leave a review on Clutch!

How to promote and support small businesses

Clutch is a company listings site. It allows you to find companies to connect with and look through notable projects as you purchase B2B services. At Graphem we have a stellar 5.0-star rating average on Clutch, with reviews like this one from Marvin Slaton, the director of Modern Day, a religious nonprofit.

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We’re incredibly proud of Vancouver, Canada, and small businesses across the nation. We know it is tough out there right now. We’re a small business ourselves, but we are growing fast.  We now have 15 employees and are gearing up for our most successful year ever. Small businesses ask us for advice all the time and we are more than happy to share what has worked for us. Here are some insights from Marika Fradette, our CEO.

“I would say my best advice is to disagree with the idea that your business should be shrinking. Think outside the box and find other ways to get your product out there. Which means right now, that to reach your audience, you need an online presence. So make sure your online presence is effective, professional and up-to-date. And one last piece of advice, even if your first reflex is to not spend money, you need to promote yourself, in any way you can.”

If we can help you in any way or if you want to join our ranks of satisfied customers, please contact us.

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