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November 21, 2020
By Guillaume Bourdages

3 Holiday Marketing Tips for 2020

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The 2020 holiday season is not cancelled and neither is your business. Its time to boost your e-commerce sales!

This year has been all about online interactions and many businesses have been taking advantage of this “new normal” with a roll out of targeted online campaigns. We could easily rename 2020 the year of e-commerce.    This will continue over the Holiday season and likely well into 2021 as we are encouraged to maintain social distancing.

So what are some actions you can take now to funnel online traffic to your business and boost your e-commerce sales over the Holiday season?  If we take a closer look there is actually a triangle of 3 basic elements working together to make e-commerce successful:

//1. E-mail Targeted Marketing

Build up your existing email list now with e-mail opt-ins on your website and special offers when they subscribe.  Then set up emails and remarketing campaigns that can bring you big returns.

If you are currently offering in-person shopping or services then ask for an e-mail at the point of sale and offer an incentive for signing-up such as a discount on their next purchase or a complimentary service or product with their next visit.  Generate more traffic now that can be retargeted later.

Heavily promote to your existing customers/clients now and start a remarketing program to target, funnel and capture prospective customers. (Watch our vlog Remarketing: One of the Most Powerful Online Marketing Strategies to learn more on remarketing.)

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//2. Social Media

During the holiday season, you are likely to see increased sales but you are also likely to see increased ad competition on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Your potential customers or clients are going to be inundated with campaigns from competitors. Use ads that stand out and generate curiosity. Facebook and Instagram ads are inexpensive ways of targeting your specific audience.

Planning ahead can mean more ad inventory for you and better prices. In any case, it’s not too late to get yourself out there and make your product or service known.

Social media is also incredibly useful this time of year for pictorial campaigns, specials and giveaways directly on your platform page.  Launch a series of posts featuring stand-out images, holiday tips, recipes or other content related to your area of expertise. Offer special discounts or contests that will attract your existing followers and interest new prospects to shop your products or services.  Link your website and online shop directly to your social media to create more engagement and sales.

//3. Website

All roads lead to your website! First and foremost ensure your website is fully set up to facilitate e-commerce.  This means an online shop that is automated to stay updated in terms of stock availability and links directly to a secure payment transaction page.  Your web designer will be able to set this up on your website using a platform such as Woocommerce.  If you are offering services you will want to ensure your services page is linked directly to an appointment booking calendar and offer the option to make a secure payment. (Learn more about e-commerce in our blog article Shopify Vs. WordPress)

Set up a Holiday banner and feature your top products, any sales or special offers right on your home page.  Or you can even ask your web designer to set up a special landing page just for Holiday offers or related content.

If you’re a product-oriented retail business then don’t forget about inventory. Plan ahead with enough stock for your predicted demand over the holidays. Don’t be caught flat-footed. Figure out your holiday shipping deadlines and post them prominently on your website to add a subtle bit of urgency for purchasing.  Also consider offering free shipping on orders of a qualifying amount.

Verify your website’s performance speed on both mobile and desktop.  Test it out right now.  Does it take more than a second or two to load any of your pages? If so get this remedied as soon as possible. First verify this isn’t due to your internet connection or an issue with your own server.  If after testing it still appears to be an issue with your website contact your web design agency or hosting provider for assistance.

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Try some of these tips and let us know if helps boost your business.  Wishing you the best of luck for a productive and prosperous Holiday season!


If you’re having trouble coming up with a strategy for your website and want to generate and convert more leads contact us.  Take advantage of our FREE website analysis and 20 minute consultation. Talk to one of our web experts and get real advice on how to make your website work for you. 

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