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August 17, 2020
By Guillaume Bourdages

10 Tips for Overcoming “Writer’s Block”

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oday’s online world is driven by interesting content and lots of great copy.  Being able to sit down and write uninterruptedly is a must.  But there are days when all you can draw are blanks.  Trust me, we’ve all been there! You stare at your computer trying to come up with a good topic for your next blog post.  Or you can’t come up with anything new for your social media or web pages.  This is often referred to as “Writer’s Block” and can be frustrating.

Here are a few helpful tips that we have found workable for us when it comes to building content and overcoming writer’s block.


When in doubt, walk it out! Take a short break from the screen. Take a walk then come back to the drawing board when you feel refreshed.


Write about the things you are interested in and chances are you will then hit your target audience who have mutual interests.  Look over your fields of knowledge and experience.  What do you know that others may be able to benefit from? What anecdotes can you share?


Make a long list of every possible blog topic you can think of and save it on your computer.  Then whenever you need to start writing simply open the file, pick one and start writing!

10 tips for overcoming the writers block


Take notes, notes, notes! You never know when creativity will strike! Always have your phone ready whenever you get a good idea. Take notes, take a photo if you see something inspiring so you can refer to it later when you sit down to write.  Keep adding to the notes, photos, etc. then when you get back to your computer simply transfer the files.


Sit down in a quiet distraction free environment to write.  This applies to all types of writing – copy for websites, blogs or social media content. No music playing (unless it absolutely helps you get inspired), no people chatting around you and if you’re working from home definitely NO TV playing in the background!

Writers Block


While we’re on the subject – limit or remove your TV watching altogether and watch your creativity soar! Try this: turn off the TV for one whole week and see how you do!


See what’s trending right now on Google Trends and pull inspiration from there.


It sounds odd to say this relates to writer’s block but it works! Get outside daily and exercise. Anyone who works in front of a computer or at a desk should be stretching their limbs and getting fresh air in their lungs at least once a day.

10 tips for overcoming the writers block


Step away from the phone! Yep, put down your phone and limit screen time to allow your mind to stay alert and creative.  There’s even an alert you can get on your iphone that will inform you when your screen time has gone up or down.  Use this to monitor and keep yourself accountable.


Lastly – get sleep! While occasionally burning the candle at both ends is sometimes both necessary and useful in meeting targets, don’t make it a regular habit.  Make a schedule for yourself and stick to it.  When you’re well rested your mind will be sharp and you can operate at top efficiency.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful in preventing and overcoming writer’s block. Best of luck and happy writing!


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