What Happened to My WordPress Editor and How Do I Simply Disable Gutenberg?

What Happened to My WordPress Editor and How Do I Simply Disable Gutenberg?

by | Jan 12, 2019 | wordpress | 0 comments

So what is wrong with my editor after I upgraded to WordPress 5.0??? It’s all effed up!

Well don’t panic, it is normal. WordPress 5.0 has been out since November 2018 and I think people are still shocked with this update. The reason for it is the new visual builder called Gutenberg. This new feature provides the ability to blog or the site copy writer to use a nice visual layout to build exquisite designs without having coding knowledge.

However, the issue with this is that it completely takes over the current posting panel in WordPress leaving you no choice but to use this new builder. So it can feel disconcerting and aggressive to say.

I wish WordPress would have built in an option to simply disable it, well they didn’t!

So we are left here alone, crying like babies because we cannot confront this new editor. Bring me back my old editor for goodness sake!

Rest assured the community is coming to the rescue! The WordPress community is awesome and people build plugins faster than Trump sends out tweets!

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So if you want to disable the Gutenberg new visual editor, simply do the following:

  1. Go in WordPress Admin panel
  2. Click Plugins > Add new
  3. Enter “Disable Gutenberg” in the search box
  4. Install the plugin called “Disable Gutenberg” by Jeff Starr by clicking install then activate

Yeah! Thanks Jeff – the rock – Starr!

You are now saved from the malicious new fantastic editor and can procrastinate on learning it, well yeah later. Got better stuff to do, like watch a very good movie on Netflix, you know those ones that skipped theatre showings because they are way too interesting and well written.

Anyway, I hope this saves your life in some way! Happy to help!