Case Study

Une Langue Des Histoires

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Canada is a bilingual country, so many Canadians have been in contact with the French. Not everyone speaks French, but French has a place in everyone’s personal history. The “Une Langue, Des Histoires” of the association Francophone de Kamloops is a project to collect stories from these people and share their stories with others.

Project Background

Post the previously collected stories online and make it easier for more people to share their stories through this project.


  • Improve interactive experience when a user interacts with this project
  • Set up to allow users to dynamically share their stories



Goals and objectives:

  • Design a website based on the book “Une Langue, Des Histoires” created by collecting stories.
  • Users share their stories through this website.


Any other special features or notes about the project

A posted story is uploaded to 3D FlipBook so that users can read the story like a real book.


Kick Off

We first had a meeting about the project with the client and the project team. It was a time to discuss the direction and purpose of the project and present a schedule.



Based on opinions discussed at the meeting, wireframes were created and the Hi-Fi prototypes were completed through feedback. And during the development phase, we reported progress, gathered feedback, and made modifications to facilitate the user experience. After all, development was completed, the QA stage of testing all functions was carried out.


We built a 3D FlipBook to improve the interactive experience by allowing users to read and share their stories as they flip through the book.

In addition, when a user writes and submits their story through a form, the story can be uploaded directly to the post and shared dynamically.

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