Case Study

Sante Cognitive

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About the Project

Sante Cognitive is an informative website providing users with the latest knowledge and information about cognitive disorders, including dementia, to spark curiosity and interest in cognitive health issues and further promote a healthy brain.

Project background

Improve user experience with a simple design and well-organized layout, and improve user flow by reducing the paths it takes to make it easy for all users to find resources on brain health.


  • Setting search filter to improve the usability
  • Guide the user to reach the outcome successfully in the user path



Goals & Objectives

  • Design a website that is easy for users, especially older people to understand.
    Improve user experience by making it easier for users to discover what they’re looking for in resources.
  • Enhance to allow users to explore the latest events and resources.


Project Kick-Off

  • We started with a project kick-off meeting with the client and the project team. The meeting was the time to converse on the background, goal and objective of the project and present the timeline.



  • After going through the exploration phase to reach the user needs, the Hi-fi prototype was completed with feedback through wireframes. During the development phase, weekly project meetings were held to provide progress and collect and reflect feedback. After the development of all pages was completed, the QA stage of testing all functions was carried out.


We created wireframes for the website, which served as a visual representation of the website’s layout and functionality. These wireframes enabled us to experiment with various design concepts and make quick changes based on feedback from the client.

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Using AJAX search, the search engine displays the results in real-time. This means users can view the search results without loading the results page. Therefore, AJAX search makes it easier and faster for users to find the resource they are looking for.

In order to improve the user experience, illustrations related to the content were placed so that users could easily understand. In addition, each region was divided by colour and displayed in a background colour to help users recognize the region they are searching for, and related resource keywords were placed on a single resource page to make it easier to find the resources right away.

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