How to Publish your Video Online

How to Publish your Video Online

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So you have produced some videos and you want to share them on your website with your audience but are not sure what to do? Well here are 4 different options we think are the best including the one we prefer:

Host it on your website

This means to simply upload the video file on your website, either with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or via WordPress if you are using WordPress.


  • You have full control over the video file
  • Quick to publish
  • You can keep your videos private for logged in members only


  • Your web server might not be fast enough to deliver the file to view efficiently, potentially causing viewing issues
  • You need to implement your own video player (pain in the ass) or use a built-in WordPress video player
  • No encoding for mobile device
  • You might have to pay for the bandwidth
  • Tricky to share on social media

Host it on Youtube


  • Free to create an account
  • You do not pay for the bandwidth usage
  • You can have your video go public and show in search results to generate more attention
  • Supports mobile device encoding
  • Very easy to embed to your website.
  • Easy to share on social media
  • You can make money with the advertising shown in the videos


  • Not fully private (if this is important to you)
  • If embedded on your website, a player can link back to YouTube website and divert the viewer attention from your product and services

Host it on Vimeo

Here we have the same advantages of Youtube minus its disadvantages, because you can make Vimeo videos fully private and only viewable on your website.


  • You cannot make money on the video ads like Youtube
  • To get the best of Vimeo you will need to pay a yearly subscription.

Host it on Facebook


  • Same as Youtube
  • You can create an ad campaign with your video and reach more people


  • You cannot make money on the video ads like Youtube
  • Harder to embed on your website


It will always depend on the type of usage you are looking for with your video, but we don’t usually recommend hosting it straight on your web server as the other platforms offer greater advantages.

Our personal choice is Youtube but if you are managing a website with private content we recommend Vimeo Pro account.


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