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July 22, 2020
By Guillaume Bourdages

Computer 101: Basic Tips For a Mac

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When it comes to computers it seems you either love them or hate them.  Knowing the basics of operating a computer and the different types of documents makes a big difference in your relationship with computers.   Take my mom for example – she called me over one day because she couldn’t figure out how to move the “flashing thing” (called a cursor).  She’s miles ahead of the game now, but hey we all have to start somewhere right!? And no matter where your skills currently lie, whether you hunt and peck the keyboard slowly or can type 100 wpm, there’s always more to learn!

We highly recommend checking out an online Computer Course to expand your knowledge.  Many are offered at no charge and others are offered for a very inexpensive fee.  In the meantime here are a few basic tips and shortcuts to help you out.

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