3 words: backup, backup, backup

3 words: backup, backup, backup

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When it comes to your business data security, there should be no doubt in your mind that you need to have proper backup system in place. If you don’t, then you really are looking for trouble. Especially if you are hosting very important data in your office. You should have some redundant backup drive and also external backup (online) in case of material issues in your office, e.g: fire, theft, etc…

You should then apply the same logic to your online data (website, media, etc..). We suggest that you setup your own backup system for your website even when hosted with a third party.

Let us tell you a short story. We are managing a virtual machine for a customer and the other day the server went down. The hosting provider was not able to bring back the machine as a results of some hardware failure. Well this is too bad, there were nothing they could do. These things can really happen, I am telling you. So lucky for us we had an imaging system that was creating a snapshot of the server every night and saving it on a CDN (content delivery network). Thus we were able to fully recover the machine from last night backup.

So the lesson is: backup, backup, backup.

Here are some recommendations:

1. WordPress Websites

If you don’t have access to the server console (ssh, command line), then you should install a backup tool plugin and save the data automatically each day (or the time period you think is appropriate) on a external device or app.

We have used the following plugin for many sites and it is working great, we recommend it:

BackWpUp »

It can either save the date on DropBox, Racksapce Cloud file, External FTP, SugarSync and much more.

Try to find a tool that will save the date on an external site rather than your own website.

2. Hosting with SSH access

If you have any type of hosting plan with an access to the console we recommend setting your own backup script. This way it is more efficient as it will keep the process out of the actual website, and you have the freedom to build the script as you wish.

For ourselves, we have opened a account at Rackspace with cloud files access. This is a great CDN tool at really good price and with an fantastic API to build your own script to backup into the CDN. Using their opencloud framework, it is really easy to build a backup script.

Then you setup your script to be run on a schedule with the server (cron job).

Make sure that you backup both files and databases.

3. Virtual Machine

Now these days most of the virtual cloud computing provider will offer you backup tools. We, at Graphem, have chosen Rackspace. They are more expensive than elsewhere but their infrastructure is really top notch and outstanding support. You can setup daily imaging of your machines as well as backup with their backup agent tool.

For our customers we make sure to setup daily imaging as well as daily individual backup on the databases, so it is easier to recover if anything happens.

Bottom Line

This article is not going into technical details, we just wanted to make sure you understand the importance of backups. Bottom line is that you are responsible as business owner of your digital data and keep this data safe, so yeah make some backup!