How to See if There are Strangers Connected to Your WIFI

by Mar 28, 2021Graphem Web Talk, wordpress

How Do You Check if There are Strangers Connected to Your Wifi?

Do you suspect that your neighbor is connected to your Wifi?

There’s a way you can check who is connected to your wifi using your mobile.  If you find someone who does not belong to your house you can easily remove them. 

There are several apps that help you identify connected devices to your Wifi. With the information they provide you can deduce which devices are yours and which ones are not. I am going to show you how to use one of these apps and you will see how easy it is to do!  

Know Who is Connecting to your WiFi From Your Mobile

When analyzing your network with your mobile, Fing is your best alternative. On its website you will find links to Google Play and the App Store. Its biggest advantage is that it is an extremely easy to use application. You just have to install it, run it, and as soon as you open it it will do everything by itself.

Fing will scan the network your mobile is connected to without you having to ask it, and as soon as it does, it will show you all with the names, IP addresses, manufacturers and MAC codes of the connected devices. To know if there are intruders on your network, all you will need is the name and manufacturer of each device.

What you have to do now is identify each of the devices that appear connected to see if they are yours. One thing to keep in mind is that not only your mobile phones or computers will show up, also devices like your router, connected printers or your Chromecast will appear on the list, so do not get immediately worried if you see several devices.

A little trick to get out of any doubt as to who is connected to your WIFI is to disconnect and reconnect each of your devices to see them disappear and appear in the application. If there is a device, especially if it is a mobile or PC, that you see is not yours you may have detected the invader.

Let us know if you find these tips helpfu or want further assistance!

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